The 3D Museum of Wonder 

I recently traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a little R & R and made it a point to stop at the 3D Museum of Wonder.  Since I had never traveled to the Rivera Maya, I searched on Trip Advisor for activities in Playa del Carmen.  Lo and behold, I stumbled upon the blurb about the museum and knew immediately that I had to go.  My travel buddy Christine also said it looks cool so we should do it.

We took the 20 minute cab ride to the town of Playa del Carmen and were dropped off in front of a huge beige building.  We walked inside and were greeted by a worker who showed us a pamphlet about the museum.  He didn’t have to sell us on the idea.  Admission was $30 USD and we marched up the stairs to begin our journey.

We were met by Jack, who would be our guide/photographer for the walk through the museum.  He sat us down and told us that shoes were not allowed in the museum.  He gathered our shoes and gave us peds to wear so as to not ruin the art.  He told us that the 56 installations are the products of Kurt Wenner from Michigan.  Each one of the illusions costs around $10,000 to install.  The museum has been opened for roughly 1.5 years.

So on we went.  With each turn of the corner, Christine and I were more amazed. Some of these “paintings” filled an entire room.  The concepts of some of them were rather ridiculous, but none the less fun to enact.  This place allows for the inner actress to appear.

In case you’re not sure how to pose, Jack was able to guide us in posing.  Plus, when he was assisting others, there would be photos on side walls to give you ideas on your poses.  There were little markers on the ground that would tell the photographer where to stand to be able to capture the full 3D illusion.

The further in you walked, the cooler and more awesome these illusions became.  Since Christine and I came on a weekday, we were able to spend more time in the museum and not feel rushed because of the need to move quicker for others to take pictures.  

It was tons of fun figuring out what we wanted to do with each scene.  Plus, each illusion offered up several different ways of posing. Entire families could enjoy acting out scenes without anyone being excluded. It was a wonderland of imagination that children would love to fall into.  Even big kids like myself had a blast.

Some illusions had me losing my balance to be able to get the proper effect with the photo. Jack was helpful in lining us up in the right position for certain photos such as the one below.

There are some illusions that when you look at the pose photo to get an idea as to what you could be doing, you just want to make it that much cooler.  For example, there was a zebra illusion that looked like the zebra was jumping back into the painting.  Instead of just holding on to the legs as if you’re trying to pull on the zebra, I decided I wanted an action shot.  I wanted to look like the zebra was pulling me into the picture.  So I asked Christine to just hold down the photo button and go into burst mode.  45 pictures later, I had a photo of me holding on for dear life as I am being swept away by the zebra.  What do you think?

This is my favorite photo of the museum journey.  My mom was blown away by this and used her favorite word to describe it “sharp”.  

This entire museum is meant to have you laughing and acting out wild ideas.  It’s an Instagrammer’s best friend and a definite stop if you are ever in the Playa del Carmen area.  It seems that many tourists don’t know about this museum which is good and bad.  It allows for more time to enjoy posing and getting ridiculous, but something this awesome should be known. 

As you can see, at one point, we had the museum to ourselves.  Like I said, I’m not complaining.  I was able to act like a fool and not care.  

The above is an action shot of me actually losing my balance and falling into the fiery realms of hell.  It’s not fun down there.

Overall, if you are ever in the Riviera Maya and want a unique experience, visit the 3D Museum of Wonder in Playa del Carmen.  It would be a great rainy day activity.  Allow yourself the chance to act out all of your wildest imaginations.  You will not be disappointed.